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Certificate of Origin

As a service to our members and regional businesses, Zebulon Chamber issues Certificates of Origin. 

A Certificate of Origin (COO) is an essential document in international trade that certifies the country in which exported goods were wholly obtained, produced, manufactured, or processed. It is generally completed by the exporter or manufacturer and requires official certification by an authorized third party. This certification process often involves the Chambers of Commerce, as designated by the 1923 Geneva Convention, which gave them the authority to issue, sign, and stamp Certificates of Origin worldwide. 


The COO serves as a declaration by the exporter, affirming the origin of the goods in a particular shipment. This document plays a crucial role because virtually every country assesses the origin of imported goods to determine applicable duties or, in some cases, to decide whether the goods can be legally imported. By providing a COO, exporters help ensure that their products comply with the import regulations of the destination country, potentially facilitating smoother customs procedures and accurate duty assessments.

  • Print the Certificate of Origin (COO). 
  • Fill out the COO completely. 
  • Notarize the COO. 
  • Present the notarized COO to the Zebulon Chamber of Commerce with supporting documents such as corresponding manufacturer invoices, shipper affidavits, and any other documents that confirm the origin of the goods. 
  • The product information that is listed must match the product on the supporting documents. Do not leave off product numbers, quantities, or descriptions. 
  • Certificate of Origin requests will be processed during Chamber office hours and authorized at the Chamber's office located at 815 N Arendell Ave, Zebulon, NC. Requestors are urged to submit COOs prior to the day of shipment to allow time for processing. 
  • The Zebulon Chamber of Commerce only attests to the documents as they are presented - it does not attest to the validity of the claim of where the goods were produced. Furthermore, the Zebulon Chamber of Commerce will not be held liable if the U.S. company does not present all of the appropriate documentation needed for international importation or exportation, or any other reason that may result in the company's shipment being held at foreign customs. 
  • The Zebulon Chamber of Commerce does not process COOs for goods originating outside of the United States. 

Pricing for Certificates of Origin (COO) are based on a per seal basis. 

Members of the Zebulon Chamber of Commerce receive COOs as part of their membership. The number of seals included with the membership is determined by the membership level. 

Nonmembers of the Zebulon Chamber of Commerce may request a COO for a fee. Call the Zebulon Chamber for current pricing per seal. 


Downloading a Certificate of Origin 

CLICK HERE to download and print the Certificate of Origin. Follow the steps outlined in Completing a Certificate of Origin. 

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